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January 2010

January 28, 2010

Only one rule at Nordstrom: use your own judgement

For more than four generations, the staff- empowered culture at Nordstrom has created an enviable customer service record and business reputation. Founded on an original single Nordstrom rule, this has defined a culture of good staff judgement doing the best for each customer. Employee handbook Welcome to Nordstrom.We’re glad to have you with our company. – Read More –

January 26, 2010

Don’t think the politicians know the answer? Have your say at

Crowdsourced opinion site Britain Thinks taps into the collective consciousness of the UK by inviting video commentary and allowing the community to vote and comment on the points of view. The site is attempting to tap into a broad demographic by not just pursuing viral marketing in a low cost manner, but advertising on billboards and buses. Here’s – Read More –

January 15, 2010

How to ensure no one ever gets bored of their role.

To engage staff at all levels, create empathy and understanding of other roles and business divisions, Air New Zealand implemented job rotations. But this certainly wasn’t about giving a new starter a quick tour of the office. Air New Zealand wanted to realise a culture change within management by providing opportunities to be engaged with staff – Read More –

January 14, 2010

Seven ways to protect public services

Charlie Leadbeater outlines the seven ways to protect public services, especially in the current ‘big goverment – no resources’ times we live in. He says that this UK is heading down a Ryanair budget airlines approach indicative of making those who want a premium experience will be expected to pay more for it, despite likely hikes in taxes this – Read More –

January 7, 2010

Netflix Culture – open source?

What is more startling you might wonder, whether Netflix actually leaked their internal document “Freedom & Responsibility Guide” on purpose as some smart viral-marketing aware tactic to drive recruitment, or the document’s actual contents? A nice precis of the contents, lifted from the website hackingnetflix: Great workplace is not day-care, espresso, health benefits, sushi lunches, – Read More –

January 5, 2010

Bach’s inventive process

Bach is a composer who is often studied by jazz musicians eager to understand the beginnings of jazz improvisation. It seems, in fact, that he was probably the first recognised jazz musician, because he often played on demand and created new pieces on the spot, but also encouraged others to make variations on his work. Perhaps – Read More –

January 3, 2010

Soho Fashion house Social Suicide’s innovative Sale: The more you say, the less you pay.

The fashion house famous for linking the temperature in London to the % discount in their store, has come up with a new system for discounting their clothes. The idea is simple: the more online mentions they get in social networking sites, blogs, and news websites, the more they discount their clothes. If you think about – Read More –

January 1, 2010

Not your average shoe store, Zappos

Zappos is an on-line business in the US. They sell shoes, bags and other accessories online. The passion of the people to WOW their customers continues to make this company a great place to work and very successful commercially. Zappos has 10 very simple but inspiring core values that focus on staff being positive, creative and determined. – Read More –

January 1, 2010

Innocent Smoothies: Single Shared Purpose

For a fruit smoothie drinks company, these guys really know how to have fun and be successful at the same time. They go all-out to prove a successful and profitable business can exist on doing the right thing ethically. Innocent are founded on strong ethical values that they say they’ll never compromise on, no matter – Read More –