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February 2013

February 27, 2013

Virtual team emerges from open challenge & helps revitalise a struggling community

Today is the official launch of a project that we’ve been watching very carefully at OpenIDEO. miLES is a great example of what can, just sometimes, emerge from creative collaboration on platforms like OpenIDEO. This inspiring social venture started life in the OpenIDEO urban revitalisation challenge, which focussed on places that are depopulating – like – Read More –

February 20, 2013

10 Insights to improve wellbeing in the workplace

Our everyday lives from what we eat to how we travel, and how we work are having a profound effect on our own health and that of the people around us.

Diabetes and other chronic diseases, along with obesity, are on the rise – alongside rapid growth in levels of work related stress and mental illness. According to the World Health Organisation, there are 36 million preventable deaths every year from these health problems – a devastating social impact and a major financial burden.

Last year, IDEOBupa and the International Diabetes Federation collaborated on an OpenIDEO challenge that addressed the question: “How might we create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace?” The global OpenIDEO community developed some excellent concepts and you can check them out here.

Through the process we learned some amazing things about health & wellbeing, particularly within the workplace or other kinds of communities. I hope these are useful to you if you’re working in this area or even if you’re just trying to make or sustain a change in your own health:

– Read More –