Happy New Year!

This is a break from my usual posts to draw your attention to Compostmodern 11, an AIGA event happening on 22 & 23 January in San Francisco. It’s a great conference and the lineup is really impressive. There’s Bruce Mau, Yves Behar, Scott Thomas, and Lisa Gansky amongst others, see the full lineup here

I’ll be speaking on the 22nd on the topic of “collaborative design for social good” using amongst other examples, OpenIDEO. I’ll be touching on some of the Organisation Design issues that I often write about here too, things like how organisations have evolved, and how we naturally have become specialists, but that the nature of the complex social and environmental issues we face has to be solved through the nurtured collaboration of people with different skill sets working in a broad range of different areas, tackling problems together. I believe Ideas and platforms like OpenIDEO are starting to have the potential to enable that kind of collaboration.