The students of 100K Cheeks, a group that was formed to put the message of the Dragonfly Effect into action, are on a mission to register 100,000 people into the bone marrow registry this year, but we can’t do it alone. We’re hoping you’ll help us advocate for widespread social change. Every single Facebook post, tweet and personal email gets us that much closer to our goal of spreading awareness and raising more donors.

Thank you so much for your help and support in helping us swab cheeks, save lives and spread the word.

With hope,

The 100K Cheeks Team

Sample Facebook Posts:

Did you know? Each year 10,000 people are diagnosed with a disease that requires a bone marrow transplant. YOU could be the one to save a life – joining the bone marrow registry is fast, easy and painless. Check out more information from Stanford student group 100K Cheeks:

MYTH: Donating bone marrow requires a painful and lengthy procedure. FACT: The majority of bone marrow donations today are performed via a method that’s similar to donating blood. And you get to watch TV the whole time! Get more facts.

What can you do with a cotton swab? Stanford student group 100K Cheeks can give you a few suggestions, including one that saves lives.

Sample Tweets:

What can YOU do with a cotton swab? Student group @100KCheeks offers a few ideas, including one that saves lives

Joining the bone marrow registry is fast, easy & painless – all you need is a cheek swab! You can do it at home:

Swab a cheek. Save a life. Join the marrow registry & help spread the word! Learn more and register at

A Stanford student group is on a mission to register 100K people into the bone marrow registry – you can help!

Sample Email:

Dear friends,

This email may be one of dozens that passes through your inbox today, but please take a moment to read it.  Every year, approximately 10,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer that requires a bone marrow transplant. In 70% of cases doctors will not find a genetic match among the patient’s immediate family, and the patient must seek a bone marrow match on the National Marrow Registry. Although the registry is comprised of several million people, the chances of finding a genetic match are so rare that most patients find no existing donor is available. In those cases, a patient has no option but to wait and hope that the perfect person joins the registry within the next few weeks – a terrifying and helpless situation.

The outlook is particularly bleak for South Asian patients, whose chance of finding a match is a dismal 1 in 20,000. With those odds, they have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or attacked by a shark than find a life-saving bone marrow match.

The amazing news is we can all help. Joining the bone marrow registry is fast, easy, and painless – it only requires a simple cheek swab. In fact, you can even order a cheek swab kit online and complete it from the comfort of your own home by going here – . The donation process is not scary either – if you are ever identified as a match (lucky you!) you will be asked to undergo a physical exam, and your doctor will determine the best way to collect a marrow sample for the patient in need. In the majority of cases, you’ll be asked to donate via PBSC, in a procedure that closely resembles donating blood.

A few hours of your time is all it takes to save someone’s life.

I recently learned of an initiative started by a group of Stanford students on a mission. Their goal is to add 100,000 new people to the national bone marrow registry this year, and they can’t do it alone. They’ve partnered with the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford, as well as OpenIDEO to help amplify their message. But most importantly, they need compassionate individuals to listen and respond. I hope you are one of those people.

Thank you for your time, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get informed,  get registered, and get ready to save someone’s life!

With hope,
(your name)