I thought you might like to hear about some of the latest developments happening on the OpenIDEO platform.

We’re tracking impact

We now have a new challenge phase on OpenIDEO called Realisation, where we tell stories and create action around implementation of concepts. Because implementation and impact mean different things for different challenges, each Realisation phase will be unique. The end goal, however, is to continue creating and tracking impact even after the challenge ends.

Check out the phase in action on our Bone Marrow Challenge. You can read more about Realisation here.

We’ve created new features

We’re not sure how we ever managed without them, but we now have email updates that alert our community members when there’s been new activity (comments, builds, etc) on one of their submissions.

Comments are also now more powerful thanks to Threaded Commenting. This feature is creating some really interesting conversations and enabling much greater collaboration around different issues and ideas.

To read more and hear from the horse’s mouth about our latest features, check out Haiyan’s blog (design lead for OpenIDEO) or subscribe to OpenIDEO’s blog ‘Fieldnotes’.

OI Engine

As you can see we’ve been working hard on the core technology, or OI Engine, that runs OpenIDEO. Using this OI Engine technology, we are now able to setup new, private sites and communities, either straight out of the box or with customization. So far we’ve worked with a range of organizations on different kinds of issues: from enabling collaboration across remote teams, to improving decision making processes with external stakeholders, to gathering input on corporate strategy.

OpenIDEO wins a Webby!

Finally we’re really honored to be a Webby Award winner in the community category (we somehow beat Twitter to the title), which is a great encouragement to everyone involved, including our challenge sponsors.

If you’d like to hear more about our recent challenges for social good, as well as how we might help you use OpenIDEO within your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

What makes a good challenge?

We aim to host a breadth of challenges across a diverse range of social and environmental issues. In general, successful OpenIDEO challenges have global relevance and are focused on impact. Challenge questions are framed broadly enough to appeal to a wide audience, while also specific enough to feel like we’re offering a compelling problem to tackle.