…Or stuff we believe is true…

  1. Culture, personal, organisational change is hard, long-term, and takes reinforcement
  2. Design can help create touchpoints to remind you of your commitment, or even cause you to change
  3. The types of change works best when they are nudges, small changes in the direction of your intended goal/ future state
  4. These small incremental improvements should be celebrated
  5. Often the best thing we can do is just stop doing the negative things we are doing that are preventing us from succeeding or acheiving our goals (e.g. to be a better leader, we may have to stop publicly criticising other people’s traits in order to to be able to see their good ones. Or on a broader context, not listening, not sharing ideas).
  6. People will always apply natural law “what’s in it for me?” (this is also not helped by metrics like being responsible for a department’s P&L) Design can help by leveraging this behaviour and designing rewards and incentives that align with a new goal.
  7. You can’t tell people to change. You have to discover the behavious that are emergent and encourage them.
  8. Misdirected people or organisations often misrecognise what has led to their current situation today and self-congratulate, reward, and encourage the wrong behaviour. This is when you need someone else to hold up the mirror.
  9. We think we know the problems to answer, but generally they are the wrong ones.