If you heard the Nucor story, you might easily be mistaken for thinking it was a small start-up company. With operations in 49 locations, employing 12,000 people, Nucor is a steel corporation that doesn’t conform to the same standards, values or mission statements of other industrial companies.Yet, it’s the third largest profitable steel company in the US.

Nucor’s strong people-centred values focus on recruiting people who are creative and experimental, from management level to factory workers. The few formal rules it has, which are really more of a set of expectations, advocate a trusting, self regulating and open culture, where every person is responsible for adding value to the business.It relies heavily on its empowered workforce to think of new ways to innovate steel production, by encouraging a question and experiment culture. The signs that hang around the factory asking employees to “Have a questioning attitude”, “Analyse your job”, continually reinforce this self-regulating and empowered behaviour.Nucor’s values also focus on making a positive environmental impact. Their environmental stewardship has made significant efforts to reinforce their values by implementing non-traditional steel making techniques that use 90% less energy, surpassing many American energy requirements.